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10 years of Exprience

Vaclav Janousek, PhD

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Vaclav is co-founder and CTO at Biodviser. He is a bioinformatician and a data scientist. Before working at Biodviser, he worked on many business and academic projects. He is active in academia as a lecturer and researcher. His main academic focus is genomics and the application of the machine learning methods in this field. He received his PhD at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.

About Biodviser

We are group of experts in bioinformatics and data science with domain knowledge in biology and biomedicine. Our team is built from bioinformaticians, cloud experts, machine learning specialists and software developers.

The enormous surge in the volume of biological data that needs to be processed and analysed poses a challenge for biologists and biomedical experts. It is projected that in this decade the volume of data in genomics should become the second largest source of the data - right after the IP traffic. Such progress needs solid infrastructure and professionals with expertise in big data, cloud computing and machine learning along with the appropriate domain knowledge. Our mission is to be partners to companies and academic institutions in life science and biomedical research. We support clients in their development and research operations. Our experts propose and develop solutions in the cloud environment ranging from development of standard bioinformatics pipelines and machine learning applications to building data lakes by integrating various Multi-Omics